BEMANN is Art for Centuries!

BEMANN continues a centuries old family tradition of wood processing, transferring its invaluable experience through the generations.

All the specialists who work at BEMANN are from regions where, as young children, they started making their first wooden toys and became experts in the quality of wood and its diversity. At a young age they learnt to recognise types of tree by their leaves, bark or texture.

BEMANN is about achieving your dreams.

We use all our effort and expertise during the complete technological cycle of production: from the selection of the wood in the forest all the way through to the delivery and installation of our products, with no intermediaries.

BEMANN products last for centuries!

Our more than one hundred years experience of wood processing is combined with the most modern technologies and equipment. Our new factory, with a closed area of 10, 000 m2 and an open area of 30, 000 m2 was built in 1987.  Only German technology of the highest standards, together with the very best materials, is used in the factory.

BEMANN manufactures all types of windows and doors: sliding, folding and entrance doors and interiors from 100 % solid oak. All types of products are made EXCLUSIVELY to individual orders, which is why BEMANN can fulfil your wildest dreams.

We have proved our capability to adapt our products to any climate conditions and to consider the wishes of every client, thanks to our extensive experience of working with wood which has been accumulated and passed down over generations, and our first-class equipment and invaluable skills gained during our work on numerous high class projects from Dubai to Stockholm and Moscow. Using modern technology and a careful selection of wood and materials, we have developed ECOLOGICALLY sound products that can serve our clients for centuries.