The production of stairs by BEMMAN is not only of superior quality, but also remarkably ecological and reliable. Our high quality oak is an extremely sound, ergonomic, long lasting material resistant to external mechanical impact. The wooden staircases, made in our factory, are produced using the most modern and reliable technologies. When designing stair structures, BEMMAN places emphasis on safety, and special attention is also paid to the selection of the finest wood. We provide a guarantee of safety when using our products, and produce the best stairs in Europe! Every step is made by BEMMAN , using the unique “swallow tail” technology. This technology is unique and allows us to make the steps completely level and with no creaking during use. BEMMAN can produce furniture for your interior in a style matching your windows and doors, of any complexity, to individual designs, irrespective of the interior style chosen by you, whether it is a strict adherence to a single style, an elegant classic style or a luxurious modern style.

Advantages of BEMMAN stair structures: